Thank you for visiting our website. We would love to show you our classrooms in action and invite you to come in for a personal tour. 
‘De Molenwerf’ is a Centre for Childcare providing day care, primary education, pre-school and after-school programmes catering to children aged 0 - 13
from 07.15-18.30, all under one roof.

We offer:
‘Unitonderwijs’: an innovative educational concept providing a personalised experience to each individual child by teachers who are specialised in their subjects.
‘Talententijd’: time to explore a child’s talents through a broad range of activities such as Fine Arts, STEM activities, woodworking, and sports. 
KiVa: an effective anti-bullying programme strengthening social cohesion and safety.
‘Wereldtijd’: a thematic and integrated approach to Geography, History, Biology and Technology.
Additional time for physical education and English Language from age 4 onwards.

Our most important goal is to provide your child with a safe and happy environment within which learning and recognition of individual needs and talents come first and everyone is included. ‘The best you can become is you’! We want children to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically and prepare them for a fast changing society by teaching them 21st century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem solving and working together.

If you want to learn more, please contact us with any questions or to organise your personal tour:
Vera Olah - leidinggevende kinderopvang
Priscilla Haringsma -
Directeur onderwijs